Friday, May 30, 2014

Once Upon a Beta

I stayed up until 2am my time to see the WildStar open beta servers come down for good. And I was tired, and then I was busy, and then I never finished this post. So I think I'll just dump in some pictures and see where it leads.
Chili and Cornbread Had a Dance Party
Giant Glowy Rowsdower Started the Event
Then a Seemingly Innocent (if large) Rowsdower Appeared
We Followed the Leader
Suddenly MORE Rowsdowers
It Was a Trap!
A Very Effective Trap
But the Caretaker Will Protect Us
No He Won't
There were many more bosses, many lamps, and even a duel between CRB_Grug and @Cougardc. It was such amazing fun. Tomorrow morning we get to start exploring Nexus for real, and for keeps. I'm so excited! See you there.

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