Monday, June 2, 2014

Chasing the White Jabbit

The other day while playing around a waterfall I spied the little orange gear of an interact-able "something" so I went to check it out. Exploration is frequently rewarded in WildStar, so take your time and look around a bit. With a single exception, any time I've gone wandering I've been happy to find a quest, some lore, or in this case achievements and a chest of goodies.

Harehollow Cave can be found in Celestion behind the Celestial Falls. I stumbled across it while heading over to catch fireflies.
Seek out Celestial Falls

Sample a Harehollow Shrink Shroom
Heading into the cave you will find beautiful mushrooms, a white jabbit, a special chest, a Grow Shroom to make grabbing that chest easier, and a Lolli-Lopp chilling out on a mushroom. Further in you can find a diminutive Aurin enjoy tea with some friends.

Definitely Not a Hookah Smoking Caterpillar
Size Compared to Normal Aurin

I think I have some new ideas on how I might want to decorate my house now. Sitting at the tea table while under the Shrink Effect was a lot of fun. I love the details of the Aurin's costume, and his stuffed toy guests.

Even if you aren't a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, you should still check out the cave. There is really something for everyone, whimsy, loot, achievements. Not much more to ask for. Okay, there's nothing in there to kill, but it's still worth it. The cave is also near a quest target so you're not really going out of your way to reach it.

If you want a clearer idea of where to search for the cave you can see it on the map below. Kind of around the a/l of Falls. There's also a handy gondola to take you back to Woodhaven once you finish your adventure. (PS that's another achievement)

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