Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Guilt Trip

I'm used to making random alts to hold names in online games. It is so irksome when you decide, yes it is time to level an alt, only oops someone is using your name. So I grab names early and often. In World of Warcraft the confirmation to delete a character is that you must type DELETE. It's good, it makes sure you don't accidentally delete your max level raid geared main character with a miss-click.

WildStar takes this one step further. They don't want you to make sure you are deleting the correct character. They want you to think twice about deleting a character at all. They want to make you feel bad about the whole affair. I never even played this character, it was just to make sure there was no other Caff running around on Evindra.

To delete placeholder Caff I was not prompted to type Delete again, I was forced to type her name. If that wasn't enough to twinge a little guilt, the avatar cries while you consider the process, and then is incinerated in front of your eyes. Ouch.

I'm so sorry Caff, I didn't know it would be like this.

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