Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here Be Spiders

A lot has been said about how fun and pretty the game of WildStar is, but I think I would be remiss if I didn't talk about some of the darker aspects. Sometimes there is a fair amount of blood spatter, and of course a crit can cause your enemy to explode into chunks. The Mordesh in particular I'd like to talk about later but that post is still brewing. In the meantime we can talk about spiders!

In Sylvan Glade I came upon a mound of dirt outside one of the houses. There was an injured Aurin and a kind of splatted Aurin. She was hurt and unable to go into the Spider Queen's Den and enlists us to go in, kill spiders, and rescue Exiles who have been taken and wrapped in cocoons.
That wasn't pretty.

Entering the nest you find strange Eldan spheres, and there is a control panel further in that I wasn't able to interact with.
I don't know what that does, but probably nothing good.

There are several types of spiders. One in particular has a terrible green skull on its back, spits green clouds of poison, and can burrow. FUN TIMES! (I hate spiders.)
Why yes, it is poisonous.

I ventured as far as I could into the cave system and at the top of a wall found a little gap I could just barely peer through. There seems to be some sort of house or manor, or possibly a small township behind the wall. I couldn't find any way too it, but I'm fascinated. I want to know more!
I really wanted over that wall.

I kicked spider butt and rescued those who hadn't been eaten yet. Not everyone who ventures into the spider dwelling makes it out alive, but I was triumphant!
Look at the bones!


  1. Sylvan Glade looks awesome. What level is your character?

  2. I'm level 15 now, I think I was around level 9-10 when I was doing the spider quests.